The Swing of Things: Ryan McCormick & Mark Goldman

For this month’s edition of The Swing of Things, a blog series where we share insights from professionals and experts around the world within the Public Relations industry, we had a chat with Ryan McCormick and Mark Goldman, co-founders of Goldman McCormick Public Relations in New York City.

With decades of industry experience between them, Ryan and Mark are able to keep up with the blistering pace of the city that never sleeps.

Ryan McCormick boasts an impressive list of presidential, producing, and writer roles for the likes of the New York Post, CBS, and Rising Sun Public Relations.

With an extensive history in radio, Mark Goldman knows how to talk to people. A former talk show producer, Mark has seamlessly transferred his expertise into Public Relations industry.

Ryan McCormick (L) & Mark Goldman (R)

Co-Founders, Goldman McCormick PR

Ryan’s LinkedIn | Mark’s LinkedIn


What is the very first thing someone should know about the Public Relations Industry?

Your reputation is everything. If you are always honest with your Clients and the Media and you do whatever you can to provide excellent service for both (consistently), you will probably develop a positive reputation.    

How does a PR firm in New York keep up with the hustle bustle, non-stop atmosphere of the city around it?

A New York based PR firm keeps up with that type of unrelenting pace because of one principal: love. If you love your profession and respect those you serve, your capability & capacity for taking on insurmountable workloads will only grow.

Do you expect to see a shift in client needs towards social media, especially Facebook, following the recent data scandal and prevalence of ‘fake news’?

With the recent Facebook data scandals, more Clients may become apprehensive about fully committing to that social media platform. Time will only tell however, as of now many Clients do see benefit using Facebook to engage their customers. As far as “fake news” goes, we see that as a non-factor as theoretically speaking it is one group claiming that their message is legitimate while also claiming other groups who have a different message are not legitimate.

Thank you for chatting with us, Ryan and Mark!

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  • Kayla

    Thank you for sharing this advice. My name is Kayla and I am a student studying public relations. In regards to social media, I wonder what the next, most popular platform will be for brands to communicate through. In my own experience, I have responded best to ads on Instagram. What do you think the best social media platform is in regards to reaching the millennial generation?›

    • Meghan Somers

      Hi Kayla!

      We’re firm believers that every brand is unique, and what works for one brand might not work for another. In general, educational, long-form content performs well on LinkedIn, highly visual content on Instagram and content that you want people to engage with on Twitter. As for millennials, Instagram is popular among them, but again, it really depends on what your business objectives are when deciding what platform to use. We hope that gave you some insight! Best of luck with your education.

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