Case Study: HEMPALTA.

Brand Development, Social Media, Media Coverage, and Consulting. 

The Objective.

For Calgary-based startup HEMPALTA, we conducted a number of brand-building workshops for the parent company and its daughter brands


The Results.

  • Unearthed brand elements that genuinely reflect what the brand  believes and where it’s going, and desired customer experience.
  • Captured organizational statements (mission, vision, values).
  • Developed positioning elements with rationale that genuinely reflect the brand.
  • Translated the brand positioning into customer friendly messaging and experiences.






The Agency’s media training program is extremely unique – they not only ensure that messaging is highly strategic, they also make it practical. We engaged them for media training to prepare for the coverage we knew would come from a high-profile case, and they really helped ensure we were ready for the volume of media requests and coverage we got.

They take the time to understand each issue and work tirelessly to make sure that key messages are cohesive, concise, and consistent. We found their interview coaching invaluable for both our legal team and the people involved in the case, which was of delicate nature. They are a pleasure to work with.”

– Robyn Bews, Chief Business Development Officer, BD&P Law

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