Questions for Journalists: Takara Small

Each month we reach out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For this month’s edition of ‘Questions for Journalists’ we spoke with Toronto-based journalist, videographer, and digital media strategist Takara Small.

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What are some common myths or misconceptions about journalists?

I don’t think there are many misconceptions, but one thing I always make sure to remind interviewees and PR folks about is how very little time journalists have to finish a story/project. We work on really tight deadlines, which is why I always ask people to get back to as soon as possible. You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs will call me after the story has already been put to bed, because they thought they could get back to me at the end of their busy day.

How does social media factor into your work?

I use social media to look for new ideas, and get in touch with interviewees. Most people are on social media these days and check Twitter/Instagram/Facebook more often than their inbox.

How do you decide what stories to cover?

I don’t decide what stories are written, but I do get to pitch story ideas. I freelance for a couple of publications and I usually pitch story ideas that I think their audience will find interesting.

Thanks, Takara!

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