Questions for Journalists: Prateek Jose

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For our latest ‘Questions for Journalists’ we had the opportunity to interview Prateek Jose, a technology journalist from India with bylines at Snapmunk and Gizmodo India. He also works as a marketing strategist at Wirality, a new media marketing agency.


Prateek Jose
Technology Journalist





What kind of stories interest you?

The publication with which I currently work, SnapMunk, focuses on technology news and startups. The stories that I am personally fascinated by and pitch to my editors often involve technological innovation, with interesting social or anthropological angles. For example, I recently covered a bracelet that relays physical touch between loved ones separated by distance. Stories like that, which show how technology is changing paradigms in human interaction, are the ones of most interest to me.

If you could only write about one thing for the rest of your career, what would it be?


I’m kidding.

This is a tough question because the thought of hitching my horse to one particular niche forever is scary. The domains that I have covered so far have been things that I personally enjoy, such as sport, culture, and technology. Picking between them is not easy.

That said, gun to my head, I would probably stick to my current beat: technology and innovation. One reason for that is my academic background in Information Sciences & Engineering gives me a degree of insight into developments in the field. More importantly, technology is at this fun stage where it’s literally and metaphorically altering the DNA of the human race. I’m excited to interact with the people and document the products effecting that change.

What advice would you give to PR professionals about working with journalists?

My experience with PR professionals has largely been positive so far. The ones with whom I have the smoothest interactions have done their research on the publication for which I write, as well as my specific area of coverage. We also really appreciate when press releases are thorough without being wordy or abstruse.

Thanks for chatting with us, Prateek!

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