Questions for Journalists: Kyle Bakx

Each month we reach out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. Our September edition of ‘Questions for Journalists’ features Kyle Bakx, network business journalist for CBC Calgary.

1c66zhjscz9h8rdmhlv1Kyle Bakx
Reporter/Editor, CBC Calgary




What is the one story that you would most like to cover?

Likely the Olympics. Journalists describe it as a gruelling, non-stop circus to cover. So, sign me up!

The Olympics not only inspire and invoke national pride, but amateur athletes make for the best interviews — thoughtful, colourful, and honest.

In what ways do you believe social media has changed journalism? 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others help journalists search for people to interview and background them. Social media also really helps with finding photos and videos to use. Occasionally, you will find a story idea, but it’s not very often. While I spend more time on Twitter than Facebook, the latter is much more effective at promoting the stories we do.

Honestly, nothing beats the journalist’s traditional toolbox of sources: cold calls and door knocking.

What are your top tips for pitching the press?

I find pitches in the morning are always best because that’s when I have more time. Try to offer something new, something relevant to current news/issues, or provide a level of access we wouldn’t normally receive.

Thanks, Kyle!

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