Questions for Journalists: Lee Rickwood

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For our latest ‘Questions for Journalists’ we had the opportunity to interview Lee Rickwood, an independent contractor who has worked in broadcast TV & radio, magazine publishing and digital media production. He is also the Contributing Editor at

Lee Rickwood
Independent Contractor/Contributing Editor,



What kind of stories interest you?

As an editor, writer and reader, stories that describe developments in media & technology and how such developments affect our social, political and economic activities and interactions are of the greatest interest. New gadgets are cool, but even more exciting to me are stories about the cool things that people do with them.

What’s the one story that you would most like to cover?

Well…I’d like to cover the upcoming press event during which all the countries in the world will announce they are re-allocating their military budgets (some $1.686 trillion on arms alone in 2016) to actively support new initiatives that guarantee clean air, fresh water and healthy food for all the planet’s inhabitants – by 2020!

What tips would you give someone pitching you?

Beyond inviting me to the above-mentioned press conference, I’d say “Know the writer, and know his or her audience.” That means understanding the writer’s interest and track record, but also appreciating the nature of the audience he or she is addressing. A pitch that keeps those two key points in mind (and perhaps in the email subject line) will be more readily received and acted upon.


Thanks for chatting with us, Lee!

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