Pushing Forward: Tools and Tricks for Writing Copy

In ‘Pushing Forward’ we explore and discuss trending ideas and topics as we move forward within the PR industry.

As PR and marketing agency, we write and edit a LOT of copy for our clients. Here are some handy tips and tools our team uses to ensure we send out our best work every time:

  • If you struggle with grammar and spelling, Grammarly is the tool for you! This free browser extension edits your writing as you type, regardless of what online platform you’re using. It differs from Microsoft’s ‘spell check’ tool in that it can catch pesky errors such as missed commas or apostrophes. One note when using this tool is it is formatted to correct to American spelling so ensure that this fits within your brand guidelines.
  • If your writing process needs an overhaul, check out our recent blog post about writing and editing copy. In it we discuss getting motivated to write, following brand guidelines, and tips for editing.
  • Struggling coming up with a catchy title for your work? Try this title generator – if it doesn’t hit the nail on the head, it will at least prompt your creativity with helpful suggestions.
  • If you know you need to write different pieces of copy, consider creating an editorial content plan to help you stay on schedule.

Have any other tips or tools for writing and editing copy? Let us know on Twitter at @PRTheAgency or comment in the section below!

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