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Qs for PR pt 2 (1)

By: Kelsey Marklund, Account Executive at The Agency | @TheAgencyKelsey

Earlier this month we reminisced on some of the responses we’ve received from PR professionals through our ‘Questions for the PR Industry’ series. With so many great answers, we thought we’d close out May with another roundup, this time to the question, ‘Why do you work in PR/communications?’

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had dozens of answers to the famous “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question that we’re all asked. These answers ranged from tornado chaser to paleontologist to marine biologist. Of the many dreams and hobbies I’ve had in my life, two personality traits always remained true. I’ve always been a storyteller and I’ve always loved people. Through a series of very fortunate but fateful events, I found myself working in PR (despite a university degree in psychology and business) and it was one of the best curve balls the universe could have ever thrown at me. Every day I get to help companies tell their story and talk to dozens of different people. No two days are the same and this kind of busy lifestyle keeps me on some very happy toes. – Crystal Richard

I love the project-based nature of PR and the diversity of the work, as well as the challenges each new opportunity presents in terms of strategy, people, diversity of work and ever evolving tools and technologies. – Allison MacKenzie

I have always been passionate about communication. My first career was in theatre. There I learned the power of storytelling and how important it is to know your audience and make the story matter through the use of language, timing and emphasis so they will hear the key messages, remember them, and possibly act upon them. Once I qualified and started working in public relations, I realized that communication and the power of the story lives at the root of the practice. Public relations, however, has to live in reality and align in every way with the organization’s brand, reputation and mission to be effective. I have loved the challenges of this work! – Janice Robertson

I work in PR because it demands that we look at all possibilities and opportunities – including those that are emergent. I enjoy the energy associated with PR and the energy that others in the industry bring.  I appreciate the opportunity to delve into our stakeholders needs, and to constantly remind ourselves that people see things differently (e.g. like the dress that went viral on Social Media, how do you represent Gold/White if your stakeholders see Blue/Black?). I also enjoy the small fire that is constantly lit under our rears, which demands that we remain up-to-speed on current events and the latest trends. Most of all, I enjoy the results that a well-executed PR program can bring – especially done in collaboration with others. – Colleen Janssen Hood

My mom and dad are both journalism grads, and my dad spent his career as a reporter, while my mom went into marketing and PR. I also pursued a journalism degree, but decided to go the marketing route because I loved the idea of building brands and telling stories. I work in PR now because my passion is helping startups tell their story. There’s nothing better than helping an entrepreneur get their origin story out to the world! – Erin Bury

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