The Role of Content in Your PR Strategy


Note: Yes, "role" and "roll" are different words, but enjoy this puppy roll GIF anyway.
By Heidi Gammuac, Senior Content Manager | @TheAgencyHeidi

Creating content has become a much larger piece of the PR (strategy) pie, especially over the last few years. Where media relations used to be a higher priority, content has become an equal player.

Content’s rise to become “King” is due to the natural progression of the changing communications landscape. Organizations now have more access than ever before to channels where they can distribute their message. They are not limited to only blogs and social media, but have access to other platforms such as podcasts and newsletters. At the same time, newsrooms have become smaller, which has made securing traditional media coverage (aka media relations) increasingly challenging.


This Month in Public Relations: PR Strategies


Did you know that effective PR starts with a good PR strategy? That stunt that seemed so spontaneous probably took months of planning. That story in the latest issue of Avenue Calgary – it was pitched 7 months ago. Strategy is a huge component of the work we do, so we rounded up some of best articles we could find with advice on how to build a good one:


The Puzzle Pieces That Make Up PR Strategies


Any good public relations campaign must start with a plan. With this in mind, how do you go about making “a plan”? At The Agency we have system (as most PR cohorts do). So what’s our plan? After getting to know a new client and identifying their PR needs, we formulate a step-by-step guide that serves as a roadmap for the campaign roll-out. Here are some of the components that we use for our public relations strategies – our “plans”.


B2B versus B2C Public Relations

The SameButDifferent

By Arleigh Vasconcellos, Principal | @ArleighGV

Not all PR campaigns are the same, especially when it comes to the different approaches needed to run a successful B2B program versus a consumer initiative. Typically, consumer campaigns appear to be bolder in their approaches and take more risks. Business to business (B2B) PR initiatives on the other hand are often more conservative. However, what is not apparent in a B2B campaign is the complex strategy that goes into creating successful PR outcomes. (more…)