Spring Cleaning: Keeping your lists, data, and other resources up-to-date

Your tactics are only as good as the data that you start with. That’s true not only for public relations, but also for business in general. Working in PR entails gathering, monitoring, and [...]

Around the Press: Meghan Grant

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry working with PR professionals and what’s going on ‘Around the Press’. [...]

Pushing Forward: Tools and Tricks for Writing Copy

In ‘Pushing Forward’ we explore and discuss trending ideas and topics as we move forward within the PR industry. As PR and marketing agency, we write and edit a LOT of copy for our clients. Here [...]

So You Want to Draft Some Copy

So you’ve been tasked with a writing project at work – maybe it’s just a tweet for a client account, or maybe it’s a pitch to a journalist. Either way, the same amount of care and thought should [...]

The Swing of Things: Geraldine Anderson

Formerly known as ‘Questions for the PR Industry’, The Swing of Things brings a fresh insight from professionals and experts around the world within the Public Relations industry. For [...]

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