Series: Communications Throughout the Business Cycle – The Growth Phase

There’s nothing more exciting than when your company starts to pick up momentum and begin on a path of steady growth. Here, your business will have built a solid customer base and will have generated some awareness of your product or service. Now you will want to focus on growing market share, building revenue, growing your operations, and testing new tactics. In this next installation of our blog series that explores how to use communications at each phase of business, we’ll dig into utilizing communications to support your next level of growth. 

Public relations can give you an extra boost by sharing exciting announcements, unique stories and expertise with your target audiences. By this time, you’ll be more established and likely have more to share. This will help showcase your brand’s values and give it a voice. Some PR opportunities you can explore include: 

  • Relevant podcasts
  • Events/speaking opportunities
  • Industry/niche media 

Throughout the growth phase, you’ll probably want to explore expanding into new markets and developing your product/service offerings. This requires a thoughtful and strategic approach to inform expansion decisions like tech road maps and product updates. Some tactics to help you out may include: 

  • Market research
  • Customer surveys 
  • Customer insight council

Aligning marketing and communications in the growth phase supports your company goals to enhance sales, build credibility and create a strong retention model. A focused content marketing strategy keeps you focused on tactics and results. Some tactics that we suggest include: 

  • Develop gated content
  • Email campaigns 
  • Social media 

Each phase of your business requires unique messaging, specific tactics and targeting the relevant channels. Connecting your company goals with your marketing communications strategies and tactics helps to ensure focused and measured growth. 

Want to discuss which strategies and tactics are best suited for your business in the growth phase? Let’s chat!  

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Coming up in our series, watch for our thoughts on the next phase, maturity.

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