Public Relations: Tools of the Trade

The PR Pro's ToolkitBy: Kelsey Marklund, Account Executive at The Agency | @TheAgencyKelsey

As with any project that requires a set of tools to build something, developing and executing a public relations strategy calls for a toolkit of its own. However, instead of nails and a hammer to get the job done, PR pros arrive on-site armed with an evolving toolkit of skills that enable us to connect with audiences and convey messages to build successful businesses.

Here are a few of the tools that successful PR professionals reach for on the job every day:


The sharpest tool in a PR pro’s toolkit will always be their writing skills – it’s the main function of the profession. Developing content – press releases, website copy, and blogs (just to name a few) – is the primary way to reach a client’s audience. Not only do we utilize our writing skills for generating content and telling stories; we’re constantly writing throughout the day in our communications with clients, journalists, and other important connections. Displaying strength in your ability to write solidifies your position in the industry as a strong communicator.

Social Media

The basic understanding and use of social media is at the forefront of almost every PR strategy today. Social media provides a real-time platform to communicate and engage with your client’s audience, whether it’s being used as an outlet to share company news and updates, blog content, or other articles of relevance.  Maintaining an authentic, active social media presence for yourself, your agency, or your client is a key tool in the PR arsenal.


The industry is called public relations for a reason. I won’t reiterate the age-old definition of ‘public relations’ that we all learned on the first day of school/on the job – but it’s important to remember that the relationships we build, for us and our clients, are some of the most important tools we’ll ever have. Taking the time to build relationships with the media can have a lasting impact on your ability to secure coverage for your client. Developing relationships with others in the industry is also important – you never know when someone you’ve met at an event might be able to lend their services to your latest project!


What other PR tools do you put to use on a daily basis? Let us know on Twitter @PRTheAgency or in the comments below!


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