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Questions for Journalists: Lee Rickwood

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For our latest ‘Questions for Journalists’ we had the opportunity to interview Lee Rickwood, an independent contractor who has worked in broadcast TV & radio, magazine publishing and digital media production. He is also the Contributing Editor at


The Role of Content in Your PR Strategy


Note: Yes, "role" and "roll" are different words, but enjoy this puppy roll GIF anyway.
By Heidi Gammuac, Senior Content Manager | @TheAgencyHeidi

Creating content has become a much larger piece of the PR (strategy) pie, especially over the last few years. Where media relations used to be a higher priority, content has become an equal player.

Content’s rise to become “King” is due to the natural progression of the changing communications landscape. Organizations now have more access than ever before to channels where they can distribute their message. They are not limited to only blogs and social media, but have access to other platforms such as podcasts and newsletters. At the same time, newsrooms have become smaller, which has made securing traditional media coverage (aka media relations) increasingly challenging.


Introducing The Agency’s newest team member: Melanie Tapper

The Agency is happy to announce the recent hire of its new Communications Assistant, Melanie Tapper.

Melanie is a second-year Bachelor of Communications Public Relations student from Mount Royal University (MRU). Before joining The Agency, Melanie had the opportunity to gain communications experience with an Alberta non-profit that supports youth, as well as work on a number of PR volunteer projects. Melanie is excited to join The Agency team and learn more about agency work.


Check on Your Initiatives with an Annual PR Checklist

By: Heidi Gammuac, Senior Content Manager at The Agency

We are just about at the end of the first month of the year. You have most likely shaken off the post-holiday blues and have settled into your routine. However, the start of the new calendar year is also a great time to check in on your PR initiatives and strategies from the past year and to assess what worked, what you can improve on, and what new things you can add to your program.

Here are some of the items we have on our annual PR checklist:


An Open Letter to Startups on PR

Every so often we find articles warning startups against working with PR agencies. Most recently, TechCrunch published this contributed article alleging that “PR agencies are like great white sharks when it comes to freshly founded startups.” Here’s why we don’t agree.

Dear Startup,

Congratulations! You have begun your journey of entrepreneurship. What was once an idea is now a business. Not only are you excited about your company – other people are too, like potential employees, customers, and investors. You’re ready for the world to hear about you, and PR is a great way to do that.

At this point, we may come on to your radar to talk about how you can start with kicking-off your PR efforts. This is where we will tell you to stop before you get ahead of yourself. In layman’s terms – don’t put the cart before the horse.