Case Study: Harley-Davidson® Project LiveWire™.

 Media Relations and Events. 

The Objective.

To develop and execute the media relations strategy for Harley-Davidson® as they unveiled their first ever electric motorcycle, Project LiveWire™.

The Solution.

Working with the team from Harley-Davidson®, Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, and CULT, The Agency distributed targeted pitches along with the materials to a select list of journalists. The Agency was also responsible for on-the-ground media relations during the event, ensuring that interviews between Harley-Davidson® representatives and the media were seamlessly carried out.

The Results.

The Agency delivered great results for The Project LiveWire™ Experience Tour, gaining national media coverage with multiple outlets across various platforms.

The Details.

  • Avenue Calgary featured Project LiveWirein their ‘5 Things to Do in Calgary This Week’ roundup
  • and published stories about Project LiveWire
  • Project LiveWirewas featured by blog ‘On the Road with Paul
  • Breakfast Television (CityTV) Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal featured Project LiveWire™ and included it in their Daily Download’segment
  • Gerry Forbes of CJAY92 interviewed Harley-Davidson®’s Mick Cawthorn
  • Project LiveWirewas the focus of Calgary Today’s ‘Motor Monday’ segment, and written about online
  • CityNews Toronto and CityTV Winnipeg included spots featuring Project LiveWire
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