This Month in Public Relations: PR Skills

2016 This Month in PRFor our March PR news roundup, we collected some of the Internet’s best articles on public relations skills.

  • The PR industry is constantly changing. Here are 10 skills that the public relations professional of the future will need. (via Business 2 Community)
  • Entrepreneurial leadership, an asset frequently sought after in the business world, is equally valuable to aspiring professionals in the PR industry. (via PR News)
  • Technology and social media continue to revamp the communications landscape. Here are the top five digital trends that communicators will need to master in 2016. (via Bulldog Reporter)
  • 2016’s PR rockstars need to have these three skills to help them amplify their client’s message. (via Women in PR)

Bonus: We took a look at a few of the skills that PR professionals put to use every day. Check out our post, ‘Public Relations: Tools of the Trade.’

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