Press Release: Oil and gas industry to benefit from Identify, the latest intelligent visual monitoring product from Osprey Informatics

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June 5, 2014

Osprey releases the first visual monitoring system that can
remotely detect, identify and monitor personnel at field sites

Calgary, Canada – Osprey Informatics has released their latest intelligent visual monitoring product: Osprey Identify.

Specifically built for oil and gas operations, Identify gives companies the power to remotely detect, recognize, and visually monitor personnel at field sites. Identify is part of the Osprey Reach cloud-based visual monitoring platform.

“We developed Identify to help companies make effective operational decisions with the right information at hand,” says Osprey’s CEO Michael Von Hauff. “Identify takes our focus on the key challenges in managing oil and gas sites – operational efficiency, security, and safety – to the next level.”

Identify was built to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. For example, Identify can be used for remote access control at unmanned field sites. Rather than just knowing that a vehicle is at the gate, Identify users will know whether the driver is authorized to be there, and will be able to respond accordingly. It displays the name of the authorized driver, tracks arrival and departure times, and provides easy access to imagery and video from the site visit.

This new product can also be used to support work alone programs by ensuring that the worker arrives and departs within the expected window, and by giving a supervisor remote visual access to the worker’s site activities.

Osprey will be showcasing its intelligent visual monitoring platform at the Global Petroleum Show from June 10th to 12th, 2014 in the Upper Big Four – Booth 4522.

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About Osprey Informatics

Osprey Informatics provides intelligent visual monitoring for oil and gas operations. Osprey is focused on solving critical industry challenges, including operational efficiency, security and worker safety. The company’s cloud-based visual monitoring platform, Osprey Reach, is relied on today by major Canadian and international energy companies. From the wellhead to facilities and pipelines, Osprey Reach detects important operational and security events and provides instant access to critical imagery, video and information. Osprey is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


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