Press Release: Mindfulness and meditation in the heart of Mission


Community-focused flotation therapy spa opens in Calgary

June 9, 2016

CALGARY, Alberta – Calgary’s newest float therapy spa, clear float spa, has opened Mission.

Floating is a rapidly growing natural therapy that focuses on mindfulness and meditation. Clients float in a high-density saltwater-filled “pod,” cut off from the sights and sounds of the outside world. The many benefits offered by floating include relaxation, chronic stress relief, healing and muscle recovery, the release of endorphins, and an ease of pressure on joints, muscles and bones.

clear float spa was founded with a vision to create a community of people focused on the health of their mind, spirit, and keeping things in perspective. “I wanted to create a community around floating, similar to that of yoga’s,” says founder Bryce Weeks. “clear float spa is a place where people can connect and share their experiences – floating is a journey, and it’s great to explore this with other like-minded people.”

The experience offered by clear float spa is entirely personalized and customizable, with in-float guided meditation or music and lighting of the floater’s choosing. Post-float, clients can sit back and reflect on their experience over a complimentary cup of tea in the Zen Room, a unique community-minded space only offered by clear float spa.

Designed by Holland Design, clear float spa’s physical space echoes the experience that you will have while you are floating. Calm and cool colours combined with the use of white space create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

Floatation therapy attracts people from many different lifestyles; yogis, athletes, entrepreneurs, health-seekers, corporate creatives, pregnant women, and floating enthusiasts alike. clear float spa also has “Float Ambassadors,” a group of leaders within Calgary that reflect the unique makeup of the clear float community.

“clear float spa has elevated my meditation practice,” says Ambassador Kat Mak, a local yoga teacher and Lululemon brand ambassador. “I feel so relaxed after my float and I love that I don’t have to leave straight away, as you do with other places. The Zen Room is the perfect place to acclimatize back into ‘real life’ instead of spilling back out into the streets post-float.”

To learn more about clear float spa, please visit the company’s website

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About clear float spa:
Established in Spring 2016, clear float spa is a float therapy spa located in the heart of Calgary’s Mission district that offers customizable float sessions. A unique space that focuses on building community and educating people about the values of float therapy, clear float spa creates experiences for their clients that are: Consistent, Unified, Simple, Explorative, and Gracious.  |  @clearfloatspa   |  clear float spa Instagram  | clear float spa Facebook


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