Press Release: The Locked Room opens second Calgary location


Escape room pioneers offer bigger, tougher challenges at their new site

March 18, 2016

CALGARY – The Locked Room is opening a new location at 9937 Fairmount Drive SE on Friday, March 18.

On the heels of their first successful site in northeast Calgary, the team behind the hugely popular escape rooms say that both public demand and the desire to challenge themselves led to their decision to open a second location.

“The Escape Room craze has really caught on in Calgary, and we are proud that The Locked Room kick started it,” said Kyle Fitzgerald, one of The Locked Room’s co-founders. “But we had some great ideas that we wanted to try that we wouldn’t be able to make work at our first location.”

Escape rooms are team-building activities where small groups, usually ranging from 2 to 10 people, must work together to solve puzzles and work through a themed scenario and escape the room within an allotted time frame. Fitzgerald, along with Adil Hooda and Edwin Tsui, opened The Locked Room in March 2015 after a successful trial run in late 2014.

The Locked Room, the first escape room to open in Calgary, is known for its challenging rooms. The ‘easiest’ room boasts only a 50 per cent success rate for escapers, and the most difficult room only has an 8 per cent success rate. Despite the odds, demand has remained high, with roughly 5,000 people signing up to play every month.

“Players are getting better at escaping,” said Fitzgerald. “This time we’ve really stepped up our game, especially in terms of challenges and technical elements.”

The new rooms at the southeast location are:

  • The Great Train Heist – Participate in a wild west themed train robbery
  • The Sinister Study – What happens when checking on a friend goes awry
    • Alberta’s largest escape room; fits up to 12 people
  • The Lair of the Minotaur – Seek and acquire lost riches in the Grecian era
  • Hipster Hangover – Piece together memories from a raucous party from the previous night
    • An adult-only option – only for players 18+

The Locked Room also became a popular destination for corporate team-building events, so the new location will have larger rooms with more capacity.

Players can now book rooms on The Locked Room website. For more information, visit

sinisterLoftPictured: A Peek at The Sinister Study

Locked Room - Compilation [updated 2.0]The New Location’s Escape Rooms’ Posters


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About The Locked Room Ltd.:
The Locked Room LTD. has been in operation since August 2014, and was Calgary’s very first interactive escape room. The Locked Room has since grown to 3 escape room facilities with a dozen of different escape room scenarios to choose from. The Locked Room prides itself in providing immersive escape room experiences with unique technological elements to the people of Calgary. For more information on our escape rooms please visit our website at:

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