Press Release: Game Changing Oilfield Equipment Website Launches in Western Canada


July 07, 2015

Oil and gas Marketplace, Seagora, for surplus oilfield equipment launches into Open Beta

Seagora, the startup changing how surplus oilfield equipment is bought and sold, has officially launched into Open Beta. This new website makes it easy to find new and used surplus oil and gas equipment.

“We wanted to bring everybody to one space when looking to buy or sell oilfield equipment,” said Albert Lee, CEO and one of Seagora’s Co-Founders. “The oil and gas industry has been slow to adopt new ways of conducting business and we hope this is a small step in pushing it forward. We’re excited to take Seagora to the next level with our Open Beta and invite all stakeholders in the industry to use the site.”

Seagora was created by people in the oil and gas business who realized that there is a way to help individuals in the industry – engineers, procurement, brokers, and manufacturers – save time, and money. The site allows buyers and sellers to easily interact and conduct business in a dedicated online environment.

“The oil and gas industry has an untapped inventory of idle capital sitting in surplus equipment,” says Lee. “Many oilfield companies – producers and manufacturers – have unutilized equipment depreciating in value, when it could be sold to free up capital. We want to help these companies monetize this equipment so the funds can be reinvested in profitable transactions. During our Invite Only Private Beta that we ran over the past six months, we had excellent feedback from our users. We are eager to see how Seagora is adopted by a larger audience.”

With its nominal fees, Seagora is a cost effective alternative to current options available for selling surplus equipment in the market. By using Seagora, sellers are given the opportunity to access a network of buyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing their product. The seller’s contact details are only released to an interested buyer when credits are exchanged for the information. This anonymity is beneficial to sellers as their identity is protected from the eyes of competitors and the general public.

Buyers benefit from using Seagora as it saves time. They no longer have to call multiple suppliers to hunt for a specific piece of equipment, they only have to visit one website. It also provides buyers with the opportunity to compare pricing and equipment details before contacting a seller.

To learn more about Seagora, please visit the website – If you are interested in listing equipment on Seagora, please contact CEO Albert Lee at [email protected].


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About Seagora:
Currently in Open Beta, Seagora is the oil and gas marketplace for surplus oilfield equipment. We match buyers with sellers as quickly and simply as possible. Seagora brings together equipment listings from many different sources so it can be viewed all in one convenient place. Marketing your surplus oilfield equipment is easy, cost effective and efficient with Seagora, and browsing listings is free for potential buyers. Listings are accessible from anywhere, on any device. | @SeagoraLtd

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