This Month in Public Relations: Social Media for your Brand

2016 This Month in PR

For our July news roundup, we’ve collected some of the internet’s best articles about using social media to develop your brand:

  • Social media strategies that work for one brand may not work for yours – you need an individual solution (via Harvard Business Review)
  • Nine reasons why your brand is failing at social media, and nine ways to fix those problems (via Huffington Post)
  • Before your startup launches a social media campaign, do these five things (via Forbes)
  • How to build your brand on social media (via Bustle)

Bonus: This month was the Calgary Stampede, an annual event celebrating the city’s western heritage and culture. In 2013 during the Stampede, The Agency hosted Content Saloon, as event focused on what it takes to make a great social media brand. Content & Editorial Manager Heidi Gammuac looks at how things have changed in the three years since, and how to navigate social media in 2016.

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