This Month in Public Relations: The Other Side of PR

Did you know that PR is more than just media relations and parties? There are a lot of misconceptions and bad stereotypes about what exactly people in the PR industry do. This is because it is a constantly evolving profession. So, we rounded up some resources to help people gain a better understanding of our industry:

  • Why is social media the perfect channel for PR, and why do marketing and PR need to play nice and collaborate on it? It has to do with the fact that social media, like PR, is most effective when it is used to show, not tell. This article from Adweek takes a look at how this came about.
  • Departments that have long been siloed like marketing, communications, and public relations are beginning to work in a more integrated fashion – so much so that tactics that were once considered purely under the purview of one are now regularly employed by another. Find out a few of them in ‘Three PR Strategies You May Not Think of as Public Relations.’ (via Bridge Global Strategies)
  • Cat herding. Social media. Content creation. These are just a few of the things PRs do every day for clients. Find out more in our article ‘More Than Champagne and Parties: The Other Side of PR.’
  • Myths about PR are pervasive – maybe because they sometimes because make good soundbites? This article from The Balance busts the top 10 PR myths, including “Any press is good press,” and “Good products don’t need publicity, only bad products do.”
  • There are some things you won’t learn about working in PR until you actually start working in PR. Prepare yourself by reading this: ’11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got a Job in Public Relations.’ (via Cosmopolitan)

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