This Month in Public Relations: PR for Startups

For our April PR news roundup, we collected some of the Internet’s best articles that take a look at public relations for startups.

  • Startups should approach their relationship with PR as a partnership and recognize that they play an equal role in order to reap the business benefits. (via Forbes)
  • It’s important to understand that PR strategies are not the same for startups as they are for large enterprises. (via The Next Web)
  • An important thing to keep in mind when developing a PR strategy for a startup: it requires a long-term commitment to telling your story to the people who matter. (via Business 2 Community)
  • There are many ways to tighten up a startup budget, but cutting out PR shouldn’t be one of them. (via AlleyWatch)

Bonus: If there’s one article included in this blog that entrepreneurs should read, it’s the latest piece by The Agency’s Meghan Somers. ‘How to Toot Your Own Horn: PR for Startups’ is the ultimate beginner’s guide for startup owners looking into a PR strategy for their new business.

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