This Month in Public Relations: Holiday Charity Initiatives

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this month, December is the season of giving. In the PR world, this means that your company or clients may want to launch holiday charity initiatives to give back to the community. This task sounds simple in theory, but, if not properly executed, it can leave you with the holiday blues. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your initiative goes off without a hitch.

Step One: Do your research! Does your company already have a relationship with a local charity? Is this a feasible initiative for your company to take on? If you are collecting a certain type of donation, ensure you have the space to store it for the duration of the campaign. Make sure the charity is aware of your plans because they will have valuable input on how to organize it and what methods work best. Here’s a list of some Calgary-based charities that need help around the holidays!

Step Two: Make a plan. Decide when the initiative will start and how long it will run for. How will you get the word out about it? For an internal initiative, flyers and emails work best for keeping your employees in the loop. If your company wants the public to contribute to the initiative then consider sending out press releases, newsletters, or purchasing ad space. If your budget is limited, social media is a great, free tool you can utilize to promote your campaign.

Step Three: Execute the plan. If your initiative runs for the entire month, you have to keep your participants engaged. Send out reminders and continuously encourage everyone to participate. But that being said, try not to spam your participants to avoid irritation! A good incentive is creating a competition between departments to see who was more involved with the campaign – everyone loves a little bragging rights!


Step Four: Wrap up. Once the initiative has ended, be sure to let those who participated know how it turned out. Consider putting up flyers or sending out emails/newsletter with the results. Photos are worth a thousand words when it comes to collecting donations so try and organize a photo op at the drop-off with the charity.


If you follow these helpful guidelines your holiday charity initiative is sure to be a success. Have some other tips for executing a holiday charity initiative? Let us know on Twitter at @PRTheAgency.

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