This Month in Public Relations: Getting Motivated

You did it, you made it through the holidays yet again. You’re back at work and sitting at your desk, so now what? It can often be hard to motivate yourself and your team to get back to work after a break. But fear not! Here are some tips you can try out to start 2018 off right at work:

  • Motivating yourself can often be the hardest task of all. Check out these tips that are scientifically proven to boost your productivity. (via LifeHacker)
  • Being the manager of a group can sometimes be tricky. When it comes to motivation, it’s always best to lead by example. Learn how you can manage the relationship you have with your team to ensure you’re meeting your goals. (via The Balance)
  • If your team works mainly on social media campaigns, projects can sometimes feel monotonous. Here are some ideas to keep everyone motivated and interested in your future campaigns. (via The Future Buzz)
  • Finally, if you want to ensure 2018 is your best year yet, here are some easy ways you can boost your productivity. (via Lifehack)

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