Introducing The Agency’s newest team members: Jamie & Jordyn

The Agency is happy to announce the recent hire of its new Communications Assistants, Jamie Jeffery and Jordyn Thomson.

As Communications Assistants, Jamie and Jordyn will assist The Agency team with developing and sharing content, editing, research, media relations, developing and maintaining media lists, and generating consistent media coverage for The Agency’s clients.

Jamie Jeffery hails originally from Wingham, Australia and is well-traveled, having spent time abroad in the US before joining The Agency. A graduate from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Communication with a major in public relations, he already has two communications internships under his belt – one with Newcastle Rugby League and the other at Ogilvy Public Relations.

He brings to The Agency his passion for public relations and his skill of adapting to different environments. Jamie is outgoing, enjoys humor throughout his day, and won’t turn down any opportunity to talk rugby.

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed in the Canadian PR industry compared to Australia?

For me, Canadian PR is mostly different because of where we are on the map, as you’re a lot more centralised around clients that are working closely with neighbouring U.S. markets and businesses, whereas Australia is a lot more isolated, and clientele tends to be more local first, overseas second. It’s cool to be able to do work that spans across all of North America.  Apart from that, all I know is that it’s HEAPS colder at the end of the year.

What area of PR interests you the most and why?

What most interested me about PR is that every day is never the same. One day you could be calling a journalist to pitch a story, the next you could be filling a media list about puppy Instagram pages.

It changes constantly and always keeps your mind going, which definitely keeps me interested in the industry.

Jordyn Thomson boasts an impressive repertoire of experience for someone who is still at university. Since 2013, Jordyn has worked under newspapers at SAIT as well as The Cochrane Eagle in journalistic and social media roles. Jordyn also undertook an internship at Peak Communicators Ltd, with her main role being a coordinator for a live radio broadcast. She is currently working to finish off her Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies at the University of Calgary.

Jordyn brings her outgoing and chatty nature to the office, alongside a passion for bears and a slight obsession with Queen Cleopatra. Born on a farm in Saskatchewan, she hopped the border to Alberta 11 years ago with her family and hasn’t looked back. Juggling studying for her degree, an internship at The Agency, and a mighty commute from Cochrane all at once, Jordyn proves to be an essential hard worker that the PR industry will need in the years to come.

Coming from a journalism background at SAIT, what led you to make the transition into PR?

I love the idea of working closely with brands I am passionate about and love that my writing skills can transfer across the two professions. My diploma at SAIT was incredibly useful because it allowed me to try my hand at journalism and communications, which encouraged me to finish my bachelor of communications at the University of Calgary.

What do you like best about working in an agency compared to other working formats of PR?

I love being with The Agency because we have a good variety of clients. I get to dip my toes in the water of multiple industries and sharpen my skills and knowledge as I go. I also love that each day in the PR industry is different, it is far from mundane or tedious!


Thank you Jamie and Jordyn, and welcome to The Agency team!


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