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Another great article written by Jason Jones was published by Orthotown, an industry resource for orthodontic practice management. Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘10 Best Practices for Patient Referral and Retention Programs,’ in which Jason offers some ideas for integrating rewards programs:

Many “loyalty” solutions are available, so you want to ensure that the one you choose can be tailored to the needs and interests of your patients. If you have a young patient base, you will want a flexible program that has incentives, prizes and activities that will appeal to children, teens and their parents (like Lego mini-figures or Starbucks cards). One-size-fits-all loyalty programs are not going to provide the same experience for all your patients.

The article was also published in the July/August 2015 print version of the magazine. You can find it on page 48-49.

Thank you, Orthotown, for including Jason!

eTrove founder Jason Jones wrote an article that was recently published on dental resource website DentistryIQ. ‘Making your dental practice’s marketing and patient loyalty efforts work together’ takes a look at how to link loyalty, retention, and referrals. Check out the full article here.

Practice management magazine Dentaltown recently featured eTrove in their blog series for innovative and practical dental practice tips. The following is an excerpt from the feature:

As smart phones and tablets become more ubiquitous, companies and patients are eager to use this new tool to deliver better service and save money. We’ve discussed the virtues cloud based dental software in this blog before. One of the newest companies in the dental market has found a different way to capitalize on this trend. Just launched last year eTrove is a unique customer appreciation system designed specifically for the smart phone.

You can find the entire post here.

Thank you Dentaltown for including eTrove!

eTrove, upon its launch for optometry practices, was recently included by the magazine Vision Monday in their ‘Intelligent Office’ series. Here are the links to their articles:

Thank you Vision Monday for including eTrove!

Optometric Management also introduced eTrove to their readers as a new tool to use in their optometry practice.

You can find eTrove on the list of ‘What’s new for your patients and practice here. Thank you Optometric Management.

eTrove was initially launched for use by dental and orthodontic practices.

Oral Health Office featured eTrove in their March 2014 issue, which can be found here. Thank you Oral Health Group!

Dental Tribune, the world’s dental newspaper, also featured eTrove in March. The following is an excerpt from the eTrove product page:

Your patients are motivated to stay engaged as they earn points through social networking, timely appointment attendance, referrals, application-based bookings, and content participation. And you, the dental professional, get to own a more robust awards program, capture more referrals and energize your social media networks by putting your brand in the hands of patients and dental professionals in your area.

Thank you Dental Tribune!

Loyalty expert Bryan Pearson wrote about eTrove in his blog about empowering dental practices through loyalty programs. Below is an excerpt from his blog, Pearson4Loyalty.

Say the word “dentist” and people are more apt to get sweaty palms than to applaud. But with some loyalty initiatives, they may be able to fill in those worrisome gaps.

Thank you for including eTrove, Bryan.

Dentistry IQ shared the launch of eTrove with their readers in February 2014. You can find the full article here.

Thanks to Dentristry IQ for including eTrove.


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