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DexVenIncThis post showcases the media coverage of our client Dexterity Ventures Inc., parent company of
Dexterity Consulting and Place2Give. It is updated whenever new media coverage is released.

Place2Give has launched a new initiative for the holidays. allows you to give the gift of charity, via a card with pre-loaded funds which your recipients can direct to the charity of their choice! Thank you to the following outlets for sharing

Dexterity Ventures Inc. has partnered with Fundrazr in time for National Philanthropy Day to allow users to raise funds for charitable organizations on the crowdfunding platform, and Techvibes shared the news on November 10:

FundRazr users can select any charity from Dexterity Ventures’ database of 1.5 million charities across North America and create a customizable fundraising campaign for free.

The partnership launches on National Philanthropy Day on November 15.

The full article can be found at this link. Thank you Techvibes for sharing DVI’s news!

Gena Rotstein, CEO of Dexterity Ventures Inc., was recently quoted in the Erickson Tribune story entitled “How to put your philanthropy in action.” Check out this excerpt from the article:

Gena Rotstein, CEO of Dexterity Ventures, Inc. (, a company that sells donation tools to businesses, says that if your goal is to contribute to systemic change like ending poverty, it is best to set up a “mutual fund” of charities that address different layers of the problem.

The full story can be found here. Thank you, Erickson Tribune, for including Gena Rotstein and DVI in your article.

SEEChange Magazine, the magazine of Social Entrepreneurship, recently featured Dexterity Ventures Inc. and interviewed CEO Gena Rotstein about the work she and the company has done. Here is an excerpt from the interview, entitled “Changing the Face of Philanthropy: In Convo with Gena Rotstein”:

DVI is not just another social enterprise selling philanthropic technology. Whether providing research to MPs and MLAs, or taking families on site visits to charities, DVI technology (and more specifically the data they collect) is changing how philanthropy occurs in Canada.

Check out the full interview here. Thank you, SEEChange Magazine, for featuring Gena Rotstein and DVI!

Dexterity Ventures Inc. has long been a supporter of REAP Calgary, and vice versa. This year, REAP has nominated DVI for their Be Local Awards! They also published a feature entitled “Dexterity Ventures brings intelligence to charity.” Here is an excerpt:

Gena recalls meeting a woman who had donated $10,000to an organization that, shortly afterwards, had its charity status called into question for poor fundraising practices. Gena asked why the donor didn’t ask the organization how it was going to spend her gift.  “I didn’t know I was allowed to,” she replied.

Thank you REAP Calgary for supporting DVI, and for featuring them in the 2015 Be Local Awards!

Gena Rotstein was one of 14 executives selected to share their insights for the 2015 DZone Guide to Big Data. DZone is a source for technology experts and professionals to find tools and information on a wide range of topics.

You can find the guide with Gena’s contribution here on page 18. has also published a series of articles based on the insights gathered in the research guide:

Thank you DZone for including Gena!

Gena Rotstein, CEO of Dexterity Ventures Inc., was featured by Capital Ideas Edmonton in the Edmonton Journal on July 22, 2015. In a topic that fits right along DVI’s mission, Gena answered the Capital Question, “How does your business give back to the community?” Here is part of Gena’s response:

“We have a company strategy for community engagement. […] Our business is the business of philanthropy, so we want to show others how easy it is to give back.”

Gena’s full response can be found on the Capital Ideas Edmonton site. Thank you Capital Ideas and Edmonton Journal for including Gena and DVI!

ProgrammableWeb has added the GIVE_api to their directory, and included it to their Daily API Roundup on May 27th.

The GIVE_api’s directory page can be found here.

Thank you ProgrammableWeb for including the GIVE_api to your roundup!

Dexterity Ventures Inc. has released v. 2.0 of the GIVE_api, which lets developers easily incorporate philanthropy into their web projects. Check out the coverage below:

Thank you Techvibes, ProgrammableWeb for sharing this news!

The Place2Give Foundation, which is the non-profit entity of Dexterity Ventures, has launched the Nepal Relief Fund which will support three organizations that are on the front lines providing aid to those affected by the recent earthquake.

The Calgary Sun included the Place2Give fund in their May 1, 2015 paper to show what Calgarians can do to help. Read the full article here. Thank you Calgary Sun for sharing the Nepal Relief Fund with your readers.

As organizations rush to Nepal to provide aid to the victims of the earthquake that occurred on April 25, donations to these organizations have also been pouring in. How do you make sure that your donation can make the most impact? Gena Rotstein spoke to MyFM in the Morning on 96.1 MyFM in Renfrew, Ontario to share some questions donors could ask.

Listen to Gena’s full interview here. Thank you MyFM for having Gena on your show.

Capital Ideas Calgary and the Calgary Herald selected Dexterity Ventures Inc. CEO Gena Rotstein as one of their featured entrepreneurs in their weekly Capital Question on April 23, 2015. Gena answered the question, “If you had $100,000, how would you invest it in your business?

View Gena’s reply here. Thank you Capital Ideas for selecting Gena this week.

Dexterity Ventures, in partnership with REAP Calgary, is hosting an event called ‘In Conversation with Michael Shuman…’ The event, which will be held on April 18-19 at the Hotel Arts in Calgary, focuses on how families can invest strategically while keeping their philanthropic goals in mind.

Investment Executive, Canada’s national newspaper for financial professionals, shared the event on their website. Read the entire article here.

Thank you Investment Executive for sharing this event!

Dexterity Ventures’ Database Architect Analyst Rama Gilaka was recently featured as a guest writer on Women 2.0, a community-driven media site “designed for the next generation of technology leaders.” Rama completed the MIT Course “Tackling the Challenges of Big Data” last year and is one of the few certified charity Big Data analysts in Canada.

As part of the Women 2.0 #TechTuesday series, Rama wrote the piece “How to Use Big Data in the Charitable Space“.

Thank you Women 2.0 for including Rama and Dexterity Ventures!

Dexterity Ventures Inc. CEO & Founder Gena Rotstein writes articles for on how financial advisors can approach philanthropy topics with their clients. Check out her latest articles:

The Place2Give GivingTuesday initiative was mentioned in several local outlets. Members of the DVI team chose 20 Calgary charities near and dear to their hearts to support during the Giving Season. Check out the coverage below:

Thank you Metro Calgary, Modern Socialite and Shaw TV for including Place2Give!

Dexterity Ventures Inc. CEO & Founder Gena Rotstein is a blogger on the Calgary Herald’s online news site. The blog covers a myriad of topics related to philanthropy. Check out her latest posts:

At the 2014 GROW Conference in Whistler, Dexterity Ventures CEO Gena Rotstein was inspired to launch the The Place2Give Whistler GROW Fund to challenge conference attendees to make a social impact on Whistler’s charitable sector. Check out this excerpt from the article about the fund from Canada’s leading tech news site TechVibes:

Place2Give Fund Launches at GROW, Challenging Attendees to Make Social Impact in Whistler

Dexterity Ventures has launched The Place2Give Whistler GROW Fund for the attending tech companies along with the angel and investor communities who have converged in Whistler for GROW 2014.

Click here to read the full article. Thank you for covering Dexterity Ventures TechVibes!

The Place2give Whistler GROW Fund was also covered in the following outlets (click the links to see the full posts).

Dexterity Ventures CEO Gena Rotstein was interviewed for the Google Hangout on the topic of being a female entrepreneur. Check out the full interview here:

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