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Paul Hanson, bbotx CEO and Co-Founder, recently had an article featured on industry news site IoT Evolution. His piece ‘Lessons for IoT from the Frontlines of B2B’ explores the similarities between the IoT hype and the B2B bubble.

You can find the full guest post here.


bbotx CEO and Co-Founder Paul Hanson recently had an article published on IoT Journal. His piece ‘IoT and Brand Management’ takes a look at why the Internet of Things can be a risky business for brands looking to integrate IoT technologies into their operations.

To read Paul’s full article, visit here.


Paul Hanson, CEO and co-founder of bbotx, was recently included in Flarrio, a platform for tech enthusiasts and thought leaders to share their technology insights. The piece, titled ‘Future of the IoT: 50 Global Voices,’ features responses from 50 industry experts about where the IoT is headed in 2016.

Check out all of the IoT predictions here.


bbotx Co-Founder and Lead Technologist Geoff Kratz recently had an article published on IoT Journal, an independent website devoted solely to covering Internet of Things technologies and their many business applications. Their mission is to help companies use IoT technologies to collect data on their environment, enhance products, automate processes and so much more. The piece takes a look at what the weakest link may be for companies’ IoT security.

To read Geoff’s full ‘Why Your Servers May Be the Weakest Link in Your IoT Security’ article, visit here.


bbotx CEO Paul Hanson recently had an article published on, a site which offers the latest news, trends and business analysis on manufacturing and product development. Here is an except from his article, ‘Smokestack meets IoT’, whiches discusses the industrial growth of the IoT:

Pretty much everyone is aware of the enormous growth predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT). My team at bbotx and I have been vocal in our argument that this change won’t come from the “tin foil hat” end of the spectrum. It will be industrial applications — practical applications — that lead this growth.

Some great advice from bbotx Co-Founder and Lead Technologist Geoff Kratz. He was recently featured in AT&T’s developer program blog ’15 Unbelievably Helpful Expert Tips for Developing IoT Apps.’

Check out Geoff’s tip at #6 here.

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