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This post showcases the media coverage of our client AVAC Ltd. and their Ag Tech Investment brand Verdex Capital.
It is updated whenever new media coverage is released.

Ag Tech has become more of a focus area for many investors over the last couple of years. In particular, Big Data for Agriculture has been an area of interest for its return potential. Venture Capital Journal interviewed several investors, including Verdex Capital Associate Ingrid Fung, on this trend.

The full story can be found in the September issue of VCJ and online.

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Verdex Capital has an extensive global network that they can leverage for Canadian Ag Tech startups, which Managing Director Mark Carlson talks about in an article he wrote for Biotechnology Focus, Canada’s oldest and most respected life sciences magazine.

Mark Carlson’s article, entitled “The Importance of Finding Investors with Great Networks,” talks about the need for life sciences startups to work with investors that know the industry and can help them succeed by tapping into their networks of expertise, capital, talent, and markets. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Life science companies have their own unique needs. The right investors will know those needs – even those that you may not have anticipated. Investors may range from technically sound teams, to the best collaborators, or they could have the best scale-up expertise, regulatory advice, and related relationships to ease the challenges in moving a life science company forward – with regulatory always front and centre.

The full article can be found on the Biotechnology Focus website and in the August/September 2016 issue.

Thank you Biotechnology Focus for publishing Mark Carlson’s article in your latest issue.

The Globe & Mail recently interviewed Verdex Capital’s Mark Carlson on a story on vertical and indoor farming, which was published on August 22, 2016.

In the article, Mark Carlson commented on why investors remain hesitant to fund vertical and indoor farming startups. Here is an excerpt from the story:

Mark Carlson of Alberta-based agriculture-tech venture firm Verdex Capital says there’s a major focus on yield improvement in the agri-tech sector. Although the American agri-tech raised $4.6-billion investment last year, investors have been hesitant to sink cash into indoor farming.

Read the full article in The Globe & Mail, on their website and in the August 22, 2016 issue, on page 1 of the Report on Business section.

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Verdex’s Mark Carlson has been published in GAI Gazette’s June 2016 issue. The magazine features exclusive insight on strategies, industry executives, regional opportunities and much more from the agricultural investing sector. His article ‘Canada as an Investment Destination’ is featured on the cover of the magazine, and can be found on pages 6 to 7 of the publication.

Over the last few years, Canadian startups have made inroads into the international technology community. Companies such as Hootsuite, Shopify, and Desire2Learn all acquired customers and funding on both sides of the border, and foreign investors began to take notice of new ventures coming out from the north.

To find out more about GAI Gazette and Global AgInvesting, click here.

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June 2016 - GAI Gazette

Venture capital groups are always on the hunt for innovative ideas, so how do they know if an innovative idea is worth pursuing?

Verdex Capital’s Managing Partner Mark Carlson answered this question in the March 31, 2016 edition of Capital Ideas Calgary. Here is an excerpt from his response:

To be worth pursuing, we need to understand the market opportunity of an innovative idea, and if it will be big enough to generate a return on its investment at some future point.

The rest of Mark’s response can be found in the March 31, 2016 issue of the Calgary Herald, and on the Capital Ideas website.

Thank you Capital Ideas for having Mark Carlson in this week’s issue.

Mark Carlson and Verdex Capital has been featured in the March 15, 2016 issue of Country Guide Magazine.

Country Guide Magazine provides strategic business thinking to Canadian farmers. In the article called “Agtech funds,” Mark Carlson spoke on the opportunities to invest in the sector. Here is an excerpt:

Agtech funds are actively seeking the best technology in the world, Carlson says. He believes it’s a race they must win. After all, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the world must produce 100 per cent more food by 2050, and 70 per cent of the increased production must come from efficiency-enhancing agricultural technologies.

The rest of the article can be found on p. 30 of Country Guide West, p. 42 of Country Guide East and on the Country Guide website.

Thank you Country Guide for featuring Mark Carlson and Verdex Capital.

Verdex Capital is a proud Agvocate and partner of Agriculture More Than Ever, an organization that promotes Canadian agriculture.

Mark Carlson wrote a blog post for Agriculture More Than Ever on the recent efforts of Alberta farmers to reduce their water use and maximize productivity through the use of better irrigation technology. The full blog post can be found here.

Thank you Ag More Than Ever for featuring Mark Carlson’s blog post!

Verdex Capital’s Managing Partner Mark Carlson chatted with the Ag Tech and Food Waste focused Hazel Blog to talk about Verdex Capital and Ag Tech Investing.

Check out the excerpt from the interview below:

Agriculture has a long value chain and employs many technologies from the laboratory to the retail shelf, spanning countless business decision-makers who have broad interests in selling to farmers, suppliers, dealer, manufacturers, processors, and end consumers, all of whom are very sophisticated business people.

The full interview can be found on Hazel Blog at this link.

Thank you Hazel Blog for featuring Mark Carlson and Verdex Capital.

Big Data has already helped reap rewards for farmers, but there are more opportunities for the technology elsewhere on the farm. Mark Carlson, the Managing Director of Verdex Capital, contributed an article to the TechCrunch Crunch Network on the possibilities of the technology. The article, entitled “The Other Ag Sector Problem That Big Data Can Solve,” was published on October 11, 2015. Here is an excerpt:

“Farmers are well aware now that data analytics can be used a number of ways — now the opportunity exists to be applied to farm labor management with an emphasis on looming regulatory compliance, potentially in near term, but with more value add to be realized in delivered worker productivity and cost control.”

Thank you TechCrunch for publishing Mark’s article.

AVAC Ltd., through the Accelerate Fund, announced their investment in Knelf, a relationship and trust building tool that can be used by enterprise HR departments to foster team growth. The company was founded in Calgary, Alberta, and is the 11th investment for the Accelerate Fund. Here are some articles about the announcement:

As a member of the Accelerate Fund, AVAC invested in Edmonton startup Levven Electronics – an electronic design and manufacturing company making ‘Responsive Spaces for the Everyday Guy’ with products for homes and commercial spaces around the world. This deal represents the Accelerate Fund’s tenth investment since inception. You can find more information about AVAC and Levven in the following article:

AusBioTech, Australia’s Biotechnology Corporation, featured an article from Verdex Capital’s Founding and Managing Partner Dr. Michael Raymont in the July issue of the AusBioTech Journal in preparation for the Agricultural Bioscience International Conference (ABIC) 2015 Conference this fall in Melbourne, Australia. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Raymont’s article, called “Accelerating AgTech Businesses”:

“Agtech is now in a perfect situation for new investment, because macro and microeconomics are driving the need for agtech, while new tools and their improved capabilities are driving down costs and time for execution.”

Dr. Raymont’s article is on p. 45 of the July issue. Thank you AusBioTech for including Dr. Raymont’s article.

Dr. Michael Raymont, Founding and Managing Partner of Verdex Capital, is one of the experts featured in Business in Calgary’s article “The New Ag.” Here is an excerpt of Dr. Raymont’s interview:

“[…] Farming has to be smarter. We must increase productivity and produce more food with the land we have. I’m an eternal optimist and I realize that is much easier said than done. The only way to achieve the required level of productivity is turning the farm into a business, boosting research and development to find newer and newer solutions and with cutting-edge technology.”

You can find the entire article on page 55 of the June issue of Business in Calgary, which is available now.

Thank you Business in Calgary for including Dr. Raymont in your feature.

Global AgInvesting, the organization behind the premier conference of the same name, recently interviewed Dr. Michael Raymont about the investment opportunity in AgTech.

Check out the points from Dr. Raymont’s interview, and the full podcast audio on the Global AgInvesting website.

Thank you, Global AgInvesting, for featuring Dr. Raymont on your site.

AgFunder News, in a recent article titled “Canadian AgTech Sector Ripe for Opportunities” mentions AVAC Ltd. and Verdex Capital as a VC player in the country’s AgTech sector.

Thank you AgFunder News for including AVAC Ltd. and Verdex Capital in your article.

AVAC Ltd. announced that they have partnered with Finistere Ventures, a top-tier U.S. ag tech investor, and Bayer CropScience, to launch the FVII Fund, a $150 Ag Tech Fund. The fund’s mandate is to identify and invest in world-class technologies across early to growth stage companies in the agriculture technology (Ag Tech) space. Verdex Capital, AVAC’s Ag Tech investment arm, will be managing the Canadian arm of the fund. Here are some publications that have shared this news:

Thank you to the above publications for spreading the word about the FVII Fund.

AVAC Ltd. launched their new brand Verdex Capital in February 2015. Verdex Capital will focus on agricultural technology investments and opportunities. Here are some articles about Verdex Capital:

AVAC was recently recognized in the following publications for their investment in eBook distributor Enthrill:

As a member of the Accelerate Fund, AVAC invested in Canadian startup SAM – a solution to help journalists source, process, and manage information from social media. You can find more information about AVAC and SAM in the following articles:


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