One Year Later: Checking in with Marketing Account Manager Jenna Cavanagh

It’s been one year since our Marketing Account Manager Jenna Cavanagh joined our team at The Agency! We checked in with Jenna to find out how the last year has been for her, and to ask what’s her one marketing hot tip!

Coming from a Marketing background, how has your view/understanding of PR changed since working at The Agency?

I knew very little about PR and Media Relations before joining the Agency and it’s been eye-opening to watch my colleagues in their element. There’s so much work that goes into securing even a short piece of coverage in a niche publication.

I’d say the biggest misconception is that bigger is better. A spot on a morning TV show might seem flashy and “big time”, but at the end of the day – especially in B2B – that niche piece could land you multiple qualified leads and have a bigger effect on your business than a front-page ad in a mainstream publication.

When working with clients on their marketing initiatives, what is one thing that you wish that every client understood about marketing?

I’m always quoting an article on user experience that I feel rings true across all marketing efforts:  “You can’t woo without knowing the who!” I can’t emphasize this enough when it comes to marketing initiatives. (No lie – it’s highlighted on my bulletin board between HEX code cheat sheets and Jeff Goldblum magazine features).

Every marketing effort must tie back to your buyers’ journey. Before you allocate any budget to marketing spend (or to working with an Agency!) you must do the discovery necessary to understand your target audience. These insights will drive every message, medium, and measurement of your campaign.

What is your favourite thing about working at The Agency (besides working with the team, of course)?

This is a tough one! Before The Agency, I worked mostly within multinational enterprises. Moving from a global firm to a small-but-mighty team of 5 has brought a ton of freedom and autonomy, and it’s incredibly gratifying to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients. Also, it’s fun! Culture fit is really important to me and I’m so lucky to work in a place that celebrates individuality and (actually) promotes balance.

(And where I can stretch this question and get away with it – it’s too hard to pick one thing!)

Thanks Jenna – we love having you on our team! Learn more about our team by checking out our About page and following us on Twitter @PRTheAgency!

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