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This post showcases the media coverage of our client Seagora.
It is updated whenever new media coverage is released.

Seagora’s Alberta Lee was recently featured on Oil + Gas Monitor. His article takes a look at a problem oil and gas executives face: What are alternative ways that capital can be unlocked? Check out this excerpt from Albert’s article:

Drill the well.  Complete the well.  Produce the oil.  Sell the oil.  Make a profit.

These are normal activities that happen every day in a producing oil and gas company.  When oil is $100 and the cashflow is growing, all stakeholders are satisfied.  So what happens when oil drops to $30?  Not as many wells are drilled, not as much oil is produced and not as much profit is made.

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New Technology Magazine, which reports on new and cost-saving technologies in the upstream oil and gas industry, covered the launch of Seagora in the online version of their publication. Check out this excerpt from the article:

Oilfield Equipment Website Seagora Launches In Western Canada

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