This Month in Public Relations: PR Strategies


Did you know that effective PR starts with a good PR strategy? That stunt that seemed so spontaneous probably took months of planning. That story in the latest issue of Avenue Calgary – it was pitched 7 months ago. Strategy is a huge component of the work we do, so we rounded up some of best articles we could find with advice on how to build a good one:

  • How do you even put a PR strategy together anyways? What information and components should you include? This post from Women in PR, though dated, has a great outline to get you started.
  • How, and why, should you apply public relations principles to your strategies? This article from PR Daily shares 10 great PR tenets that you can use as a filter to help you make decisions about your strategy and take it to the next level.
  • A great way for you (or your client) to engage with target audiences is to attend/exhibit at industry events or tradeshows. As these events often come with a large financial investment, creating a plan to maximize exposure and take advantage of the conference’s internal PR machine will be important for ROI. This article shares some very relevant tips we often tell our own clients to help them prepare and strategize for big events. (via PR over Coffee)
  • As we went over in our post on PR strategies earlier in February, there are many different components that make up a full plan. One of those components is a content strategy. This handy toolbox from Spin Sucks will help guide you on the right path to creating an awesome content strategy.

BONUS: We wrote a great post on the 6 things your boss expects you to know about PR strategies to help you think strategically and execute on putting together a strategic campaign.

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