This Month in Public Relations: Holiday Charity Initiatives

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this month, December is the season of giving. In the PR world, this means that your company or clients may want to launch holiday charity initiatives to [...]

This Month in Public Relations: Crisis Communications 101

Crisis Comms. It’s a entire specialty for PR Practitioners, and one that we can spend our entire career honing our skills in and helping clients with. Though there are Crisis Communications [...]

This Month in Public Relations: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PR Practices

Anyone who spends five seconds looking can find examples of bad PR practices. In April, there were three HUGE PR disasters – United Airlines’ violent passenger removal, Pepsi’s [...]

This Month in Public Relations: The Other Side of PR

Did you know that PR is more than just media relations and parties? There are a lot of misconceptions and bad stereotypes about what exactly people in the PR industry do. This is because it is a [...]

This Month in Public Relations: PR Strategies

Did you know that effective PR starts with a good PR strategy? That stunt that seemed so spontaneous probably took months of planning. That story in the latest issue of Avenue Calgary – it [...]