The Swing of Things: Geraldine Anderson

Formerly known as ‘Questions for the PR Industry’, The Swing of Things brings a fresh insight from professionals and experts around the world within the Public Relations industry. For [...]

Around the Press: Darren Krause

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry working with PR professionals and what’s going on ‘Around the Press’ [...]

Pushing Forward: Using Your Voice and Remaining Consistent

This new year we have also updated our monthly news roundup from ‘This Month in Public Relations’ to ‘Pushing Forward,’ as a nod to our forward-looking view of the PR industry. Your company’s [...]

Maintaining Brand Voice Across Platforms

Have you ever come across a Tweet from a brand that made you cringe because it seemed totally out of character from them? This is usually what I picture when that happens:   via GIPHY [...]

Introducing The Agency’s newest team members: Jamie & Jordyn

The Agency is happy to announce the recent hire of its new Communications Assistants, Jamie Jeffery and Jordyn Thomson. As Communications Assistants, Jamie and Jordyn will assist The Agency team [...]