Media Relations

The Top 5 Media Relations Dos and Don’ts in a Changing Media Landscape


by Melanie Tapper, Communications Assistant | @MTapperPR

In today’s world of media relations, it is more important than ever to maintain good relationships with the news outlets, publications, and journalists who cover the brands you work with because their time is more valuable than ever! When you look around, you will quickly notice that the media landscape is shifting. Media outlets are shrinking. This is leaving assignment editors, publishers, and journalists with fewer resources to work with, yet tighter deadlines to meet as the demand for news is now instant. You may be wondering, “What does this mean for PR professionals who practice media relations?”


Questions for the PR Industry: Sheri Doyle

We have been reaching out to notable communications professionals to ask them a few questions about their experiences and interests, with the goal of providing some insights to others in the industry. For the June edition of ‘Questions for the PR Industry’ we chatted with Sheri Doyle, who has worked in various communications positions for provincial governments across Canada, and helped lead the Government of Alberta’s social media response during the 2016 Wood Buffalo wildfire.


Questions for Journalists: Alastair Goldfisher

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For our latest ‘Questions for Journalists’ we had the opportunity to interview Alastair Goldfisher, venture capital editor for Buyouts Insider, contributing to Venture Capital Journal and PE Hub. Alastair primarily reports on venture firms and their startups, pretty much anything to do with fundraising, investment trends, sector analysis, personnel news and other topics worldwide about the VC industry. Alastair has worked as a business journalist since 1994. He’s been with the Buyouts Insider group since 2003. Previously, he was the founding editor of California CEO and before that was a reporter with the Silicon Valley Business Journal. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


This Month in Public Relations: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PR Practices


Anyone who spends five seconds looking can find examples of bad PR practices. In April, there were three HUGE PR disasters – United Airlines’ violent passenger removal, Pepsi’s ad faux-pas, and #FyreFestival. It can be harder to find out what is actually effective and works in the PR industry. So, we’ve rounded up some resources for you in April’s ‘This Month in Public Relations’ post: