Regarding the article ‘PR is Dead’

By: Arleigh Galant Vasconcellos, Principal at The Agency | @ArleighGV

A letter to the PR industry,

The latest article that declares “PR is Dead” makes me chuckle. Published yesterday on PR Daily, the article refers to the new book written by Robert Phillips Trust me, PR is Dead, which in my opinion is a brilliant title. Phillips has created great PR (well media fodder and excitement for sure) with his admirable ‘click bait’ title.

However, when I started to think about the statement more, I questioned the validity. Is PR really dead? Or is our understanding of it simply changing? (more…)

Pitching 101 Part 2: Understand Who Would Actually Be Interested in the Story

By: Meghan Somers, Senior Account Manager at The Agency | @TheAgencyMeghan

Media Relations has long been a cornerstone of PR. Though not as all-encompassing for agencies and practitioners as it used to be, it is still an important skill every person who enters the profession needs to have. (more…)