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This Month in Public Relations: PR Strategies


Did you know that effective PR starts with a good PR strategy? That stunt that seemed so spontaneous probably took months of planning. That story in the latest issue of Avenue Calgary – it was pitched 7 months ago. Strategy is a huge component of the work we do, so we rounded up some of best articles we could find with advice on how to build a good one:


The Puzzle Pieces That Make Up PR Strategies


Any good public relations campaign must start with a plan. With this in mind, how do you go about making “a plan”? At The Agency we have system (as most PR cohorts do). So what’s our plan? After getting to know a new client and identifying their PR needs, we formulate a step-by-step guide that serves as a roadmap for the campaign roll-out. Here are some of the components that we use for our public relations strategies – our “plans”.


Press Release: Startup Grind names ClickDishes Inc. one of top 100 companies in their 2017 Startup Exhibition

February 17, 2017

Calgary, Canada – Canadian startup ClickDishes Inc. is excited to announce that they have been chosen as one of the companies to exhibit at the 2017 Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley. ClickDishes is one of only 100 companies chosen to exhibit from over 6,000 applicants for the prestigious conference.


Press Release: Industry Leading Reserves Management Software Company Releases New ‘Out of the Box’ Version of Their Application

February 13, 2017

aclaro softworks inc. to exhibit new software at NAPE Summit February 16 to 17, 2017

Houston, U.S. & Calgary, Canada – aclaro softworks inc. is excited to announce the release of a pre-configured version of their industry leading petroLook Reserves platform. The new version of petroLook Reserves is tailored for easy implementation and use by U.S. operators of any size.


Questions for the PR Industry – February 2017

We have been reaching out to notable communications professionals to ask them a few questions about their experiences and interests, with the goal of providing some insights to others in the industry. For the February edition of ‘Questions for the PR Industry’ we chatted with Grace Garland, Head of PR at MVF, a leading international customer generation company which combines cross-channel marketing with technology to provide a scalable source of new customers to businesses all over the world. They have several in-house brands including Expert Market, MoveHub and The Eco Experts.