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More Than Champagne and Parties: The Other Side of PR

By: Meghan Somers, Account Director at The Agency, @TheAgencyMeghan

Pop culture is the root of a lot of misconceptions about the PR industry. We hear a lot of the following: “I want to plan parties like Samantha from Sex and the City.” Or “I want to gladiate my way through problems on a national scale like Olivia Pope & Associates.” Also, we can’t forget “I want to talk and ‘spin’ a situation so that I can push through controversial ideas – or public figures” (see Thank You for Smoking, Hancock, etc.).

There are actual seeds of truth in the above pop culture examples, but in all honesty PR work has more to it than parties, spin, and spin control. As the business world has evolved, so has the role of public relations and the PR practitioner. Though there is still a need for PRs who are media relations specialists, as it is a large part of the job, PR has evolved to tie in marketing and communications as well.


In the News: Vital Partners Inc.


This post showcases the media coverage of our client Vital Partners Inc.
It is updated whenever new media coverage is released.

What can employers do to create a better mental health environment in the workplace? Alberta Venture interviewed Vital Partners Inc. co-principal Andrea Shandro on the topic for their March/April 2017 issue.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


In the News: aclaro softworks inc.

aclaro - logo with name on the side

This post showcases the media coverage of our client aclaro softworks inc.
It is updated whenever new media coverage is released. 

aclaro softworks inc., a trusted provider of oil and gas software, has created a new, pre-configured version of their industry-leading Reserves management software product, petroLook Reserves. The new product is designed to have U.S. operators of any size implement the software and be compliant in 30 days.

The news has been shared in several oil and gas publications, including: (more…)

Questions for Journalists: Prateek Jose

We have been reaching out to journalists and media professionals to chat with them about their experiences in the industry. For our latest ‘Questions for Journalists’ we had the opportunity to interview Prateek Jose, a technology journalist from India with bylines at Snapmunk and Gizmodo India. He also works as a marketing strategist at Wirality, a new media marketing agency.